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sweet potato gnocchi

handmade candied sweet potato dumplings with a light touch of ricotta, brown butter sage, brown sugar. – 13

bourbon shrimp

five thinly sliced French baguettes, seasoned and toasted, topped with a skinned and grilled roma tomato, grilled shrimp, bourbon cream sauce and chives. – 15

cheese curds

fresh white cheddar cheese curds battered and fried lightly crisp and served with a sweet jalapeño dipping sauce. – 14

roasted artichoke

dipped in garlic butter, grilled, dusted with paprika, served with chipotle aioli. – 13

brussel sprouts

fresh brussel sprouts halved and served with bacon, shredded parmesan, and drizzled with a honey balsamic reduction. – 13

(bearded) clams

a full pound of steamer clams, sautéed in butter, garlic, white wine, salt and pepper, garnished with italian parsley, chili flakes, lemon wedges, garlic toast. – 15


dressings: ranch, chipotle balsamic(spicy),  honey mustard, russian, caesar, gorgonzola, lemon thyme vinaigrette

add rotisserie chicken – 6  add steak tenderloin -10  add five shrimp – 8  garlic bread – 3.5

side salad

mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, black olives, cucumber, shredded mozzarella, your choice of dressing. – 6

et tu brute?

chopped romaine, house made seasoned croutons, shaved parmesan, tossed in house made caesar dressing. – 12 / 6

the farmboy

mixed greens, watercress, warm rotisserie chicken, orange supremes, pistachios, avocado, hand squeezed orange juice, and a drizzle of basil oil. 17 / 13

beet salad

herb roasted red and golden beets, bacon, pistachio crumbles, gorgonzola dressing. 17 /14

steak salad

thin sliced warm tenderloin steak, black olives, grilled shallots, avocado, gorgonzola crumbles, cherry tomatoes, marigold petals, gorgonzola dressing on the side. 18 / 15


rotisserie chicken, chopped asparagus, chopped artichoke hearts, shaved fennel, crispy tortilla strips, and blueberries. tossed in lemon thyme vinaigrette 17 / 14

swedish chef

mixed greens, grilled chicken, ham, bacon, avocado, tomatoes, crumbled gorgonzola, sliced egg, with your choice of dressing. der du durrr.. 18 / 15


comes with either hand cut fries, a side salad or caesar salad

the day tripper

grilled portabella, sautéed onions, havarti cheese, mixed greens, sliced tomato, on grilled sourdough with sun-dried tomato aioli. – 17

poison ivy

melted brie, grilled pears, sweet jalapeño sauce, arugula, on buttered grilled sourdough. – 17

walk of shame

sourdough bread dipped in an herbed sage custard, filled with shaved ham, white cheddar, side of dark cherry compote. – 17

the keymaster

toasted sourdough, rotisserie turkey, ham, white cheddar, swiss, bacon, green leaf, tomato, pesto aioli. – 19


sliced rotisserie tri-tip, grilled onions, bell peppers, smoked gouda, chipotle aioli on toasted sourdough. – 18

the chicken tit

breaded and fried DD chicken breast, havarti, lettuce, tomato, basil, mustard aioli, on a grilled ciabatta bun. yes. we said tit. ..from a chicken. go ahead. pretend you’re offended. i’m offended you’re offended. – 18

john lennon

thick sliced brown sugar bacon, green leaf lettuce, beefsteak tomato with mustard aioli on toasted artisan sourdough.  – 17

rick reuben

sliced house-made corned beef, swiss, beer soaked kraut, housemade russian on grilled marbled rye. – 18

someone’s sloppy sister

soppressata, capicola, turkey, havarti and white cheddar, basil, tomato, gorgonzola dressing, chipotle aioli on toasted sourdough. i’d eat that. – 18

mark cuban

ham, pulled pork, pickles, red onion, chipotle aioli, on a hoagie. – 18

peter piper

slow smoked tri-tip, red onions, bourbon bbq sauce, white cheddar, pickled peppers. – 18


all burgers are 1/2 lb patties, ground in-house daily, served on a grilled pub bun. a house made veggie patty or grilled chicken breast may be substituted for $1

comes with either hand cut fries, side house or caesar salad

gluten free bun +3

boring betty

your cheese (pepper jack, swiss, white cheddar, gorgonzola) lettuce, tomato, onion, garlic herb aioli, and a lack of imagination. – 18

the humperdinck

balsamic marinated tomatoes, house made havarti, pesto aioli, and arugula. – 18


grilled portabella, bacon, swiss, mixed greens, tomato, herb aioli. – 19

the gatekeeper

burger, pulled pork, sweet jalapeño sauce, swiss, white cheddar, onion ring, pineapple, coleslaw, garlic herb aioli. – 20

that spicy situation

jalapeño, red bell pepper, pepper jack cheese, capicola ham, chipotle aioli. melt yo face off. – 19

the wagyu burger

applewood bacon, fig jam, fried shallots, oregon blue cheese. – 21


shimp and pepper risotto

cajun spiced shrimp, green chilis, red peppers, lemon zest, parmesan cheese, mascarpone cheese, veggie stock, arborio rice, garlic, asparagus, peas. – 26

vegetable samosas

pastry dough filled iwth potato and lentils, seasoned with garam masala, garlic, ginger and jalepenos over a cilantro-mint and mango chutney. – 24 (may be spicy!)

clam and chorizo pasta

fresh manilla clams, spanish chorizo, anchovies, shallots, white wine butter sauce, house made pasta, arugula, chili flakes, topped with grilled crostini with olive tapenade. – 26

the chop

house cut bone-in pork chop, parsnip puree, bourbon apple compote, seasonal vegetables, and a spicy chili oil drizzle - 32


12oz prime, dry aged, house cut, butter, house vegetables, skin-on garlic mash. – 38

the new york

house cut 12oz new york strip, red wine demi, fried shallots, house vegetables, gorg mash – 36

the filet

8oz prime bacon wrapped filet, garlic mash, grilled asparagus, red wine demi & butter. – 48

shrimp carbonara

house made pasta tossed with bacon, peas, and onion in a cream sauce, topped with sautéed shrimp. – 26

fish and chips

beer battered ling cod. house slaw, hand cut fries, tartar. – 21


8oz grilled skin-on fresh atlantic salmon with lemon cream beurre blanc, asparagus, herbed jasmine rice. – 34

caribbean chicken

jerk seasoned chicken breast, black bean puree, mango chutney, mango puree, herbed rice. – 26

pesto pasta

house made pasta, pesto, rotisserie chicken, portabella, marinated artichoke hearts, red onion, shredded parmesan cheese. – 24


hazelnut brown butter cake

hot brown butter cake with caramel mascarpone, blueberries, and a salted caramel sauce with toasted hazelnuts. – 10

raspberry cobbler

raspberry compote with a streusel topping and raspberry sauce. – 10

side of ice cream +3